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We were rewarded for our efforts in helping the controls industry in 2012 by receiving an award from the BCIA for outstanding contribution and achievement.


During 2013 and 2014, our director Paul Hillman, was asked and became a judge for the BCIA awards of those years.


Since 2003, Paul has taught hundreds of apprentices and engineers. He has learnt from industry and in return has helped train his industry. Engineering is in our blood.


Paul Hillman is is the driving force of FullyEngineered. He is Director, Manager, Trainer and a Chartered Engineer.


He has a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from over 30 years in the construction industry.


What started as a fun name has become a widely known and respected company. Paul loves working with people and making them more than what they currently. He helps them become more of what they could be.


Having a Chartered Engineer is not just a title, but a statement that we have the skill, we have the knowledge and importantly, we have the ability to achieve in whatever we do.


Although recent work has been primarily within the training industry, we have retained and improved upon the knowledge of the Electrical, Building Controls and IT world.


We believe in a "Can do" attitude  and have shown again and again that there is always a solution.


We Train.

  We Teach..

    We Engineer...

This site is no longer active
however, The CV is recent and the historic information is correct

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