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Although we work primarily through either the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) or Tridium, we have delivered training and advice to many companies of the Controls Industry.


Below are some of the companies that have benefited from our works. See the DOWNLOADS page for extra information.

BCIA //  01


The BCIA have for many years promoted better understanding, application and use of building controls. They work with other organisations and institutions such as the HVCA, ECA, CIBSE, BIFM, FETA and others to promote the interests of our members.


It has been our pleasure to work with the BCIA for over 10 years. Originally working alongside the original trainer (Keith Doherty) and eventually taking on board the whole of the Building Controls (BC) courses.


Paul Hillman has modified the courses for the BCIA over time to keep them up to date and added his own buoyant personality to the course training. He has taught hundreds of Engineers, Public employees and even some consultants over the years.


The training Paul delivers cover a wide range of HVAC, Refrigeration and controls subjects and are listed as follows on the BCIA website;


BC0 - Introduction to Building Controls & HVAC 

BC1 - Fundamentals of HVAC & Building Technology

BC2 - Measuring & Control Technology

BC3 - Hydraulics in Building Services

BC4 - Control Function of Heating Plants

BC5 - Control of Ventilation & Air Conditioning

BC6 - Refrigeration Technology




In the words of Tridium and from their website....


Tridium is a world leader in business application frameworks—advancing truly open environments that harness the power of the Internet of Things. Their innovations have fundamentally changed the way people connect and control devices and systems. Tridium's products allow people and machines to communicate and collaborate like never before.


With this in mind, the primary product has been their Niagara Framework. A truly inspirational piece of software that has captured the world's imagination and is being installed right across the globe.


Roger Woodward (Managing Director for Tridium EMEA) contacted us 3 years ago and since then we have successfully helped the support team deliver their 5-day Tridium Niagara Certification program (TCP).


Paul Hillman has a tremendous knowledge of the controls and electrical industry. His background and experiences have helped many people upgrade and improve their knowledge through the Tridium courses.


Paul never sits still and is constantly increasing his knowledge and we expect to continue with Tridium and their product, hopefully for many years to come. Either in training, through projects, or hopefully.... Both.

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