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Paul Hillman

Director, Manager, Trainer and Chartered Engineer

0044 - (0) 7973 955 202

My full Curriculum Vitae is available on the DOWNLOADS page.
Professional info

The life of a trainer has currently stopped and I have moved back into industry. The FullyEngineered website is more a remembrance to previous works and achievements. I still keep the site partially updated, as with the downloadable CV and some of the information below.

Currently I work for the world renowned and iconic retail and department store, Harrods as their HVAC Technical manager. Having achieved a Masters in Building Services (MSc) and choosing the Sustainable Energy modules it has put me in good stead to manage the water and air plant controlling the temperature needs of our staff, clients and customers. Something of a challenge considering the age of the buildings and the variation of the mechanical and electrical plant.

My Chartered Engineer status from CIBSE, the Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers has also allowed me to keep in touch with industry and the necessary updates to it's practises.


Further keeping up to date with building technologies I have passed the Schneider Struxureware operating and engineering courses, allowing me to update programs, graphics, but mostly to guide our upgrade from a 35 year old Satchwell Sigma system to the new and powerful Struxureware/ecoStruxure platform. Having already a Tridium Niagara 4 certification (and already having Niagara AX certification and previously a Niagara AX trainer), I find these latest additions adding and rounding off my Building Management Systems (BMS) awareness.


But my beginnings were far humbler, starting as a time served electrical apprentice in 1980. Since then I have attained Electrician, Approved Electrician, Technician and moved on through to different parts of the construction industry, climbing ever higher.


My life as a Building Controls Engineer started in the 1990s with Johnson Controls and Trend systems. This has allowed me to gain and hold an strong interest in Energy, Controls and Management, something that also linked very nicely with my other fervent interest in technology and IT.

Life and work took me away from the UK for a few years, where I happily lived and worked in the Netherlands (whist also working in other lands). Then life again changing and bringing me back to the UK.

Here I formed my company ( and have provided Engineering and Training services to industry for over 10 years.

Finally returning back into industry by joining Harrods (3 years currently) as one of their more senior managers.

Work experience


Below is a sample of work and places I have worked over the years.


  • Retail - Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, UK.

  • Training provider - Tridium, BCIA, ECA, OneSight, Distech, Further Education Colleges.

  • NedTrain B.V. - Dutch railways refurbishment and overhaul (Netherlands).

  • GLOBAL SWITCH Data Centres- (Amsterdam, Paris & Madrid).

  • ExCeL (London UK exhibition centre).

  • Millennium Dome, Greenwich, UK.

  • Bluewater (Shopping Centre), UK.

  • EuroTunnel, UK/FR.

  • Financial Times, London, UK.

  • Thames Barrier, UK.

  • UBS, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell & Flemings.

  • Pentonville Prison, Portland HMYOI Prison, UK.

  • ICI London HQ, UK.

  • Food & process plants, UK.

  • Nuclear Power Station, Scotland.

  • Broadgate Developments, London, UK.

  • Earls Court II, London, UK.

  • Various Commercial buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Farms, Apartments and Residences.


My roles have varied also and again primary ones are listed below...


  • Chartered Engineer

  • Client

  • Manager (Projects and Commissioning)

  • Consultant

  • BMS/BEMS Design Engineer

  • BMS/BEMS Controls Engineer

  • Software Engineer

  • Service Engineer

  • Installation Engineer




My education is varied both in academic and vocational areas.

Perhaps it is best looked at in my CV (DOWNLOADS page).


However I am proud to have achieved a Master of Science shown below


Brunel University. London, UK.

2010 - 2011

Building Services Engineering with Sustainable Energy MSc


The MSC contains the following modules.


Core Modules

  • Building Heat Transfer and Air Conditioning (15 credits)

  • Electrical Services and Lighting Design (15 credits)

  • Acoustics, Fire, Drainage and Lifts (15 credits)

  • Energy Conversion Technologies (15 credits)

  • Building Services Design and Management (30 credits)

  • Dissertation (60 credits)


I also studied the Sustainable Energy Technologies modules;

  • Renewable Energy Technologies (15 credits)

  • Energy Efficient Ventilation in Buildings (15 credits)




Tridium Niagara AX and Niagara 4 Trainer and Engineer

Trend Knowledge


MS Office

  • Word

  • PowerPoint

  • Excel

  • Access


Graphics creation and editing

Web editing





Dutch (NL)



Role: Head Trainer and Consultant to the Building Control Industry Association (BCIA) for their Building Controls courses. Also been a BCIA Awards judge for 2 years.

Tridium EMEA

Tridium EMEA

Trainer for NIAGARA and JACEs (Tridium Products). Provide industry training to Certify Tridium Engineers.

Electrical Contracting Association

Electrical Contracting Association

Role: Lecturer and Trainer. Originally delivered the BCIA Building Controls (BC) courses through the ECA. Still teach the BC courses at the ECA West Midlands offices in Penkridge.

Trend Controls

Trend Controls

Trainer (through the BCIA) for Trend, teaching their Engineers about Building Controls and HVACR fundamentals.

ExCeL London

ExCeL London

Role: BEMS Package Manager for Sir Robert McAlpine Construction.

Thames Barrier

Thames Barrier

Role: Electrician. Grass roots subject, but a significant function to what I am able to do today.

Financial Times

Financial Times

Role: BMS controls and maintenance engineer.

GlobalSwitch NL

GlobalSwitch NL

Role; BMS/HVAC commissioning manager. Amsterdam, Paris & Madrid.

NedTrain BV (NL)

NedTrain BV (NL)

Role: Senior Engineer for climatic systems. Haarlem (Netherlands).

Millennium Dome

Millennium Dome

Role: Acting for Client. Emergency Systems Consultant for New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC).



Role: BMS Project manager and project engineer.

Bluewater Shopping Centre

Bluewater Shopping Centre

Role: BMS Commissioning manager and engineer.

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